The Divide Continues to Increase

Becoming a fully diverse and inclusive society has proven to be difficult. While big strides have taken place in integrating diversity, the notion of true inclusion remains a challenge.

Our only hope of creating an inclusive world rests with the younger generation. However, the younger generation, while more aware and smarter than us, is living in social bubbles, spending less time building meaningful and diverse relationships, crucial for future success.

The younger generation also do not have the benefit of growing up in joint families or a mixed schooling system where one collaborates, negotiates and builds relationships with people from different backgrounds.

With human interactions outside the immediate social bubble getting limited, the younger generation will inherit and may also perpetuate an increasingly divided world.

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You are the true leaders of tomorrow. One hour per week is all it takes for you to learn real life leadership skills and help create a better tomorrow.

  • Make a friend with someone from a different background and learn about each other, help each other and have fun.
  • Learn from experts about self-awareness, problem solving, leadership skills and many other topics that will help you differentiate yourself.
  • Join the movement to make a true difference in the world. and experience a fun and exciting way of developing real-life leadership skills.
  • Display your great work at school, in your community, and on your college application.

Sign up today to make a long-lasting and tangible impact.

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Your children can be the torchbearers of change, and learn beyond the classroom.

  • Unique platform for your child to pair, teach, learn from another teen from a different background.
  • Help your child differentiate themselves by practicing and developing 6 leadership traits like inclusion, empathy, real-life leadership skills.
  • Track and measure their impact, and receive regular updates on new skills and contributions made.
  • Safe and secure closed group platform to protect your child from social media.

Sign up your teen to experience, learn, and help bring the world closer together, while developing crucial future skills to reach success.

GenWE starts here

Partner with us to build a more inclusive world for future generations and help achieve UN SDG goals.

  • We complement your educational curriculum by helping teens gain real-life leadership skills for a successful future.
  • We help your students develop inclusion, empathy, real-life leadership skills, and make a difference in this world.
  • We track and measure impact, and give you regular updates on new skills and contributions made by your students.

Become our partner today, and take part in a novel program intended to unite academic change-makers to change the world for the better.

GenWE starts here

Partner with us and ensure you increase the reach of the important work you are doing with the next generation of young leaders.

  • Develop partnerships to help teens build inclusive leadership skills thus minimizing social exclusion.
  • Track, measure, and receive reports on the progress on bringing the world closer together.

Become our partner to help enroll, and engage teenagers of different backgrounds.

GenWE starts here

Partner with us to win hearts and minds of your employees by engaging with your employees’ children. We’ll help you connect with your employees on a deeper level.

  • Engage the biggest contributors of growth and profitability – Your frontline sales and manufacturing employees by developing leadership skills in their children.
  • Engage the Human side of the employee – by helping employee’s children develop purpose, inclusion, and real-life leadership skills.

Strengthen your employee engagement program by making it more exciting and meaningful.

GenWE starts here


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