Connect, learn, share and make a difference

Virtual games – We organise fun and exciting virtual games like treasure hunt, world tour, escape rooms and more. Here you will compete against other pairs for bonus points and pride!

Passion project – This is your chance to contribute and make a difference. We pick projects linked to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we want to hear how you and your friend would solve these challenges. And guess what the best ideas get amazing bonus rewards!

Guest speakers – We invite expert guest speakers and the topics are chosen by you! Do you want to know how to handle a cyber bully, or manage money, improve your self-confidence or how to become a youtuber … your pick!

Blogs and Videos – GenWE has a variety of interesting topics for you to browse through. You could also watch the recording of the guest speakers if you missed it.

Join the Movement

Partner with us

We are proud to partner with progressive schools and companies who care about nurturing the future generation and help them in creating a more inclusive world.

  1. Our world has become more complex, divided and polarised in the last few years.
  2. Our only hope of ending discrimination and exclusion rests with the younger generation.
  3. Helping the future leaders connect, learn and share their perspectives will help them learn inclusion, empathy, the value of diverse relationships and different points of view.
  4. Join us to make a difference as we embark on this vision of creating a million meaningful friendships that have broken barriers, one pair, one conversation at a time.

In Schools, your initiative can enable students to become future inclusive leaders and problem solvers in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Your students will develop an open minded, inclusive and respectful thought process.

GenWE starts here

Imagine the impact you could make if children of your employees were paired with other children who come from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. You can help the children gain valuable real-life experiences while helping build a more inclusive world.

GenWE starts here

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