3 Pillars of GenWE

  1. Building perspective –  We pair you online with another young person from a different background so you get to know and help each other in hobbies and life skills. You will both learn inclusion, empathy and relationship skills.
  2. Building skill – We invite expert guest speakers on key topics like self-confidence, problem solving, values etc. This will help you to learn leadership skills and life skills.
  3. Building awareness – We incentivize GenWE pairs to brainstorm about real world issues through mini projects based on UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will become more socially aware, develop a broader perspective and a problem solver.

3 steps to start your GenWE journey

  • Step 1 : Download The App

    GenWe is available for a free download on the Apple and Android Store!

  • Step 2 : Create your account

    Fill your name, age, gender, interests and social impact areas you are passionate about.

  • Step 3 : Make a friend!

    The algorithm will automatically pair you with a same gender match to fit your profile.

Join the Movement

Your GenWE Journey

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Chat, Play Interactive Games, Attend Webinars and Much More!

Make a Difference- Get introduced to different world views, Brainstorm on topics, come up with ideas to solve real world problems together, teach and learn from each other.

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