Make a Friend

We believe similarities are the glue and differences create fun and dialogue that adds to your learning. We pair you based on both.

How to interact

  1. The app is enabled by Video, calling and texting feature
  2. Connect once a week for an hour with your friend from a different city, country, culture or background
  3. Answer a simple question and tell us if you enjoyed the time you spent with your friend
  4. Every 2 weeks a new activity will be announced – guest speakers / team games. Keep a lookout on your home screen
  5. Every text, call, video call gets you reward points
  6. You get additional points for attending sessions with guest speakers and for answering questions

Join the Movement

Benefits of GenWE

As a GenWE community member, you will help build a more inclusive world by making a new friend from a different community, culture, country or background.

  1. You will develop new perspective through a deep meaningful friendship, free from likes, views and judgement.
  2. You will practice important real-life skills like relationship building, empathy, inclusion.
  3. And you earn points and build a credit history of doing good.

What are GenWE points

Build your Do-Good score by earning GenWe points and redeem them for exciting prizes!

  1. GenWE measures how you learn and contribute in 3 areas – Building perspective, building skills and building awareness.
  2. You earn points for VDO calls with your new friend. You also get points when you call or text each other. The more often you connect with your friend, exchange ideas and learn from them the more GenWE points you get. Isn’t that awesome! We will check in, on how you two are connecting.
  3. We also have points for the guest speaker sessions. All you have to do is attend the session and participate. We will ask you questions at the end of the session and you get points for both participation and getting the right answers.
  4. You will also earn bonus points when you complete a project, participate in a poll, refer a friend, win a game and for many more surprises.

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