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What is GenWE?

GenWE Inc is a company incorporated in the US. S/he is an online platform that strives to build inclusion, empathy and real life leadership skills by pairing teenagers from different socio-economic backgrounds. Our mission is to build a world that moves beyond I, You, and Them to a new generation… Generation WE.

Why GenWE?

There are four reasons I am so passionate about GenWE:

Appreciate Differences – We have more in common with others than we realize. However, from our early years, we are encouraged to embrace the familiar and shun differences, programming us towards discrimination. With the intent of minimizing differences amongst students, schools undertake teacher training and design anti-bullying policies. The good work done by schools needs to be supplemented to overcome our biassed programming. GenWE pairs teenagers from different backgrounds to learn from each other and experience the world using a “positive and curious lens”.

Build Real Leadership Skills – While today’s generation is analytical and digitally savvy, they are not street smart and adaptable as teenagers, like our generation was. Not their fault! Parents are obsessively focused on academics and children spend their spare time on technology – insulated from a world of playgrounds. Playgrounds simulate the real world by offering meaningful interactions with the strong, the meek, the smart and “the different”. Children understand the politics of when to lead and when to follow. Devoid of such experiences, in the future, it will be challenging for them to navigate discussions and negotiate opinions with people from diverse backgrounds. Through pairing and curated programs GenWE helps build real-life leadership skills.

Break the Echo Chambers – Social media algorithms perpetuate our socioeconomic inequality by feeding news and information based on where we live, where we shop and websites we browse. It’s all machine learning based and is creating echo chambers for teenagers by influencing them to socialize with and read news curated for their “bubble”. Connecting teenagers from different backgrounds can infuse fresh perspectives and break the echo chamber.

Create a Boundaryless World – Corporates invest in building an inclusive culture through implementation of policies and programs that aim to foster a DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) mindset in employees. Organizations are “mini diverse worlds” and can exert a larger influence in creating inclusive societies by connecting employees’ children from different backgrounds to learn from each other and build meaningful relationships based on common interests. Through GenWE, organizations can become boundaryless and unlock a more powerful employee and family engagement model especially for frontline employees.