Our Story

This is a true story of how two teenage girls inspired the creation of GenWE.

Meet Tarana and Bubbly. They live in different countries and come from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Flashback to 2019

Our daughter, Tarana was growing up in a social bubble in Dubai with a privileged view of the world – private school, iPhone, shopping at the mall, judgmental about others etc. Her friends were similar.

Three years ago, Tarana was paired with Bubbly, a 14-year-old girl in Delhi who studies in a government School. Today, Tarana and Bubbly are zoom friends. They talk about YouTube, movies, hobbies and studies. And sometimes about their parents. Bubbly practices her English with Tarana and Tarana practice’s her Hindi.

It’s beautiful to see their relationship evolve and its impact on Tarana who is now less judgemental and more caring. Equally, Bubbly is more confident and has a perspective on what’s happening in the world.

Like Tarana and Bubbly, many young people are growing up in their social bubble and their view is limited only to what’s happening inside it. They face unbelievable pressure trying to fit in. And have to deal with a lot of stress.

Imagine the power of a real friend, real dialogue with no filters. Just two young people from different corners of the country or world helping each other deal with pressure of teenage years, sharing skills and ideas, learning from each other, solving problems together and growing as future leaders.

Leaders who will build a more inclusive world.

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Our Purpose

To build joyful friendships between youth from different backgrounds and create an open minded, inclusive and caring generation.

Our Mission

We want to enable friendship pairs to discover the joy of diversity, learn, share and take small actions that can make a big difference to their community, their lives and to the world.

Our Values

A few important things that we live by

  • Inspiring Curiosity
  • Encouraging Generosity
  • Fostering Friendships
  • Sharing Knowledge



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